Friday – March 6 – St. George’s Cathedral – Emmaus – Airport

Rimon gave the group the morning free to pack and prepare for the long day and night ahead.  All the bags were ready to go at noon, as well as the pilgrims.  We loaded the luggage onto the bus, then walked across the street to St. George’s Anglican Cathedral for our closing Eucharist.

We listened to and reflected on the story of the Road to Emmaus in preparation for our trip to Emmaus this afternoon.IMG_0723

IMG_0728At the closing blessing, we all made a prayer circle to pray for our guide Rimon and his ministry in the Holy Land.IMG_0726

Our first bus stop was scheduled to be the Israel Museum, but they closed early for the Feast of Purim, so we had to readjust.  We went to see the viewpoint from the highest peak in the area, where there is a place revered as the burial place of Samuel, though Rimon gave convincing arguments why the place could not be the real burial place of Samuel.  Regardless, the panoramic view from the place is unmatched, and there is both  synagogue and a mosque there.  There are also the remains of what used to be a church, and Rimon talked the guard into opening up for us to see the church.20150306_14265320150306_14265620150306_14280120150306_14305120150306_14380820150306_14385220150306_14491420150306_144922

Then we drove to Emmaus and entered the beautiful monastery and church there.  We had a short time to enjoy the beautiful church and grounds.  There is an ancient spring here that we saw in the crypt.  It would be a place where pilgrims travelling to and from Jerusalem would stop because of the water access.  It is also a place where notorious robberies and ransoms took place when the Franciscans would be transporting funds raised to help the Holy Land.  20150306_15341220150306_15392620150306_15394520150306_15395320150306_154822

Then we visited another church and convent known originally as Kyriat Yearim, built on the area where the Ark of the Covenant had been kept for twenty years in Old Testament history (1 Samuel 5; 2 Samuel 6).  The church there is known as Notre Dame Arche D’Alliance.  It has a large sculpture on the top of the church with Mary holding up the child Jesus, who is elevating the Eucharistic host. IMG_076420150306_16170020150306_162139

Next, we did a final stop for people to take photos overlooking the city of Jerusalem up by Hebrew University.20150306_17003420150306_17031620150306_17042620150306_170535

And then we moved on to our farewell dinner at a local restaurant where we toasted each other, Romin, and our driver Faris.  Romin showed us a hard copy of the magazine in which he is featured this month.  20150306_173511IMG_0770IMG_0775IMG_0772

Following dinner, we made it to the airport, and after the various security checks, we all made it to the gate on time.  Our flight departed on time at 11: 10pm, arriving in Newark the following morning (Saturday) at 4:20am.  (We see snow all around as the sun rises, though the skies are clear.  The temperature is a crisp 11 degrees.)  Then, after customs and immigration in Newark, we transferred to our flight to West Palm Beach, which departs Newark at 8:16am and arrives into West Palm Beach at 11:23am.  We stopped along the way and did a prayer circle to send off our new St. Joseph’s friend Joan from Alabama who had been with us on the pilgrimage.  I am sure we will see her at St. Joseph’s sometime in the near future.  We will call those who are picking up passengers once we have the luggage at PBI.


United Flight 3450 departs Newark at 8:16am and arrives at 11:23am into West Palm Beach.


Thanks to all who volunteered to drive the pilgrims home from West Palm Beach airport on Saturday.  It looks like everyone is covered, as long as Charley Goodrich and Gary Matthews can still pick up.  If that is the case, then we do not need Larry Ciancolo, Bob LeNeve, Dennis Paul, or Tad Knutsen to pick up. 


(Charley and/or Gary – if either of you is unable to drive, could you please contact one of the aforementioned volunteers to take your place?

Larry Ciancolo – 963-9213

Bob LeNeve 732-8496

Charlie Goodrich 968-8698 or 789-3335

Dennis Paul 441-5278

Gary Matthews: 518-253-2138)


Below is who is scheduled to be picked up by whom:


Mary Aperavich – husband Terry

Kay Baker – riding with Pedics

Karen Bice – husband Tim

Gail Drane – son Mickey

John Eastham – son Erik

Mary Lou Eastham – son Erik

Colleen Fritts – riding with Sara Schelong

Marty Knight – neighbor Phyllis

Joan Kogelschatz – flying direct to Alabama

Lu Ann Langley – daughter MacKenzie

Eloise Lee – husband Winsor

Charlotte Lees – with Leila Marconi’s friend

Bob Lees – with Leila Marconi’s friend

Leila Marconi – friend Jim McDonald

Barbara MacKenzie – with Gail’s son Mickey

Katherine Metzger – Chris Metzger

Carrie Miessau – Jerry Guthrie

Chris Pedic – husband Tony

Rochelle Prince – husband Rel

Sara Schelong – left car at airport

Bobbie Smith – with Carrie

Linda Sorenson – with Ann Vertrees

Sherry Thomas – with Metzgers

Judy Vandemark – friend Bill

Anne Vertrees – sister





Need rides from PBI to St. Joseph’s:


Elaine Christman – Gary Matthews (1 bag plus carry on)

Joan Fox – Charlie Goodrich (1 bag plus carry on)

Pat Lyren – Charlie Goodrich (1 bag plus carry on)

Dee Zlatic – Gary Matthews (2 bags plus carry on)

Marty Zlatic – Gary Matthews (2 bags plus carry on)


We will call Gary and Charlie once we have our luggage if you want to wait in the cell phone waiting area.