Tuesday – February 24 – At the gate in Newark Airport to Tel Aviv overnight


Everything was on time.  We had to grab a group photo when we could as boarding commenced shortly after the additional security checkpoint. Missing from the photo (but don’t worry — on the airplane!) are Luann Langley, John & Mary Lou Eastham).

The flight had a one hour customs delay and to fix a minor mechanical issue with one of the passenger seats, but most of the time was made up in the air, and we arrived in Tel Aviv with only a short delay.  It was an up-close personal encounter with a large group of Hasidic Jews who were very “active” on the flight.  A few of the group were in Economy Plus, but the majority felt like they were in Economy Minus with the close proximity of the rows in front and behind.  An intimate ecumenical experience.


Tuesday – February 24 – West Palm Beach-Newark-Tel Aviv

The pilgrims boarded the plane in West Palm Beach — amazingly awake and good spirited after an early morning. 20150224_094222 20150224_09441420150224_094256A pleasant surprise was a goodbye visit with St. Joseph’s Tamara Soares who happened to be working today as massage therapist at PBIA.    20150224_091327We arrived in Newark airport to find that it was so cold outside that even the birds decided to find a warmer bird bath inside the terminal by our gate.20150224_130238